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benGAYliz is a GAY and LGBT social networking and dating website. It's the first ever LGBTI website aimed for the Gay Bangladesh and the LGBTI communities in Bangladesh, and across the globe. To connect with other LGBT and GAY guys visit our members page now.  

"Please note, you must be at least 18 or over to use this site".

bnenGAYliz was the first Bangladeshi all GAY social networking website of it's kind to cater for the Bangladeshi GAY and lesbian community. To this day bengGAYliz remains the only LGBTI website to provide a continues service and bring regular fresh content and useful LGBTI information for its members and the occasional visitors. benGAYliz provides the most definitive guide lines and up to date information on various topics such as advice on legal matters and LGBTI issues, immigration related information as well as job tips and accommodation information. For those who can read Bangla, we have a dedicated "Bangla Section", bringing you latest and up to date information on various topics, as well as Bangladeshi entertainment news etc. Very soon benGAYliz will be starting a GAY/Shomokami Bangla Golpo. Where you can read true and fictional stories written by our very own benGAYliz members.

What the law say's about being gay in Bangladesh

Being gay in Bangladesh is still illegal, and according to Section 377A of BPC - adult homosexual sex acts are illegal and will be punished with deportation, fines and/or up to 10 years, sometimes life imprisonment.  Please be careful when in public places.  Recently In Bangladesh, there has been many incident's when people had been set up and caught by the local police and consequently press charged.  Which has resulted in individuals id and personal details being revealed in public.  So please be carefull be safe and don't be a victim of conspiracy. 

Gay themed Bagladeshi Film Listings 

Ghetu Putro Komola - potrays the dark history of the abusive practice that was once a popular form of entertainment in the haour or remote areas of north eastern Bengal, where young adolescent Ghetu performers were the object of entertainment of the wealthy and influentials.

'Ghetu Putro Komola' (Pleasure Boy Komola) -

Directed by late film maker and writer Humayun Ahmed, the movie has been selected by the country to compete for the 85th annual academy awards, in the category of 'Foreign Language Films'.

Chitrangada - The Crowning Wish 

One of the finest work by Rituparno Ghosh. The story is about choreographer (Rudra) who is staging Tagore's dance drama Chitrangada and his relationship with a drummer (Partho). Rudra decides to go for sex reassignment surgery to become a woman so that they can adopt a baby (sory kind of revolves around on this narrative).

Connecting via dating Sites in Bangladesh? Here is what every social networking site users in Bangladesh needs to be aware of… 

As a muslim majority and homosexuality still being illegal in Bangladesh, gay guy's often turn to prominent gay sites and social networking sites to meet other gay guys such as our very own benGAYliz and other sites sites including Manjam and Facebook. Since there are no bars, clubs or specifically designated social meeting places available for the LGBTI community, social networking sites has become the ultimate networking platform for many LGBTI people.  This does not mean such sites are only being used by the LGBTI community only. Many users of social networking sites have been known to be targeted by online sex offenders, blackmailers and general criminals who uploads fake profiles, pretending to be gay/lesbian and targets innocent website users by convincing their victims to meet in non public places such as student dorm, hostels, hotel rooms, private home and other non public places. Once met in a convenient place they will then convience their victims to pose for camera/video and later use it to blackmail people and demand large sums of money. If the victim refuses to pay they threatens to expose innocent victims by outing them to their friends and family or by uploading indecent pictures on Facebook and other social networking sites. Naturally the victims gives up to these online offenders and pays off whatever amount is asked. Unfortunately not everyone can afford to pay big ransom or take the risk of being outed to their friends and family, and end up in committing suicide. Many such cases often gets unreported to the police and unheard.  So therefore benGAYliz like to warn all our members and other social networking site users including LGBTI dating sites and facebookers users to be extremely careful and be extra cautious when meeting your dates privately. We strongly urge all our site members to meet in public places and never to bring a stranger back to your home or hotel rooms unless you are absolutely convienced you have nothing to fear. Many of our site users have also reported to be robbed in their hotel rooms by their online dates. There is no specific ways to identify such online crime commuters, however according to many victims, these online offenders frequently change their online profiles and often works in groups.  So once again we strongly advice all our site members and other social website users to take extra security measures when meeting people online.


Well on the last one... we are not quite sure but we think Enrique Iglesias might have something to share too. Hope you have enjoyed our collection of the Sexiest Celebrity Bulges.   

Old news but still matters!!

Imran Khan joins the campaign against the criminalization of homosexuality in India, by answering a series of ignorant homophobes’ questions about homosexuality in a funny video - Check it out right here.

Bangladeshi Transgender - Amelia Has Her Eyes Set On The Big Prize That Every Gay and Transgendereds Can Only Dream Of...

Born and brought up in a strict muslim family, raised as Adesh.  With her new identity Amelia Maltepe, a 23 year-old business accounting student, living with personal trainer boyfriend Charles Dubuc, hopes to become the next Miss World - despite being born male. Amilia grew up in Dhaka Bangladesh, has caused uproar in her hometown of Toronto after doing a sexy shoot for the local paper, which caused some readers to boycott the publication. Now Amelia, buoyed by love with boyfriend Charles, has her sights set on the world's most famous beauty contest. Check out full story in tis video clip.

Generally being gay in Bangladesh in not very unusual.  With no bars and clubs to socialise and meet other lgbt guys, the young generation have welcomed the internet and mobile communication technology as the alternative method linking up with the like minded. Read full article...